May 6, 2007

Strange Sunday

It's a weird Sunday around here. The beans are acting strange.

Mom keeps working and Grandma's digging holes. Mom needs a new calendar. Hers seems to think Sunday is a work day. Bad calendar bad! She's helping Sanjee do some Cat Blogosphere stuff, though. And she's giving us our super duper cat treats. The bag is marked "Eagle Pack Anchovy and something". YUM! I love them. Anchovy flavor is TASTY. Too bad Mini loves them too or I could also have hers. Grandma's digging holes in the yard. I hope she hasn't turned into a woofie. We don't allow woofies to live in the the House of the (Mostly) Black Cats and I'd miss Grandma.
So I guess it's a little weird for a Sunday, but it's not bad.
I think I'll go visit Mistrie, though. It's quieter there. Maybe I can sneak some of those anchovy things over with me.