May 3, 2007

The Queen is comin! and TT#8

Queen Elizabeth II is comin to Richmond today! Rite here! Oh we's all so a'cited. I bets she's comin to visit me! After all, she's the Queen of England, and I's the Queen of the House of the (Mostly) Black Cats. I's sure we's got lots in common.

UPDATE: If yoo wants to see the cellybrashuns here and see the Queen on live webcast frum (she'll be on around 3:30 Eastern to 5pm) while she's down at the Capitol of Furrginia, yoo can go heere. I's watchin so's I kin be prepared fur when she heads ofur to my howse. Rite now they's singin n stuff.

What Mommy? She's comin to cellybrate Jamestown and 400 years of America cuz it was a British colony and that was 400 years ago? Naw, Mommy. She's comin to see me! I mean, Jamestown's been there 400 years, but I'm only five. She coulda seem Jamestown anny time. But maybe it's rude fur queens to visit ofur queens that aren't five yet. I dunno, they got lotsa rules bout how to talk to her and stuff, I finks.

They fixed up the Capitol here at Ricmond and hadded a spehul ceremony for that. Thomas Jefferson had deesigned it, but it needed sum fixin up. Fur the Queen, I guesses. So maybe Grandma's been fixin up the yard here for the Queen's visit. After all, we don't want to look shabby when she visits, huh?

Thursday Thirteen #8
Thirteen Things about How deel wif the Queen and Prince Philip and Queens like me, Sanjee! (I's werkin on memorizin this and may make my sisfurs and brofurs start doin it fur me.)

  1. When the Queen enters a room, efurry critter stands.
  2. When first meeting the Queen, yoo should call her "Your Majesty" and then "Ma'am" (rhymes with jam) thereafter. When departing, address her as "Your Majesty" again.
  3. Don't call nocat but the King "Yore Majesty." So cuz Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh gets addressed "Your Royal Highness".
  4. Whoever hosts the Queen is expected to walk beside the Royals and make introductions as required.
  5. At least in Britain, when the Queen stops eating, you stop as well. This is a furry good idear here too.
  6. Heer in the US we do not recognize the Queen as our Head of Nation, etc. (cuz we gots a Purresident insted). But I kin make exsepshuns and tell yall how to act 'round me. hehehe
  7. Bowing and curtseying's not reekwired. Shaking paws is acceptable in the US. In Great Britain and the Commonwealth states, mancats bow and women curtsy, tho.
  8. Members of The Royal Family do not wish anyone to be put to unnecessary expense by buyin speshul clothes, hats or gloves. But if yoo gots some grate fashuns like Lilly Lu and Skeezix and Daisy, yoo can ware them.
  9. Yoo don't gotta ware hats, but yoo can. Jeter Harris mite wanna ware his Yankees cap, fur instance. Hats are not normally worn at functions after 6:30 p.m.
  10. Yoo don't gotta ware gloves. But if a woman wantsta, they don't gotta be white but ya shouldn't take 'em off before yoo gets purrsented to the Queen.
  11. Where it's a fancy party fur black tie and long evening dress are the fing, cocktail dress, national dress and dark lounge suit are also acceptable. I bets Dragonheart wuld ware his grate dress uniform from his Daddy.
  12. There are no obligatory codes of behaviour for Queens n royalty reely, just simply courtesy. But bein extra nise and courteus is a good idear.
  13. Be polite, efun if there's fun birds or a string comin off her dress.

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We thoughted bout goin down to the Capitol to see the Queen there. But there's a live webcast, so we'll stay neer our crunchies and watch that til she comes ofur heer to visit.

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Sanjee the Queen Bee Kitty