May 7, 2007

Majestic Midnight Mancat Monday

It's Majestic Monday!

I'd purromised pikshurs of me and the Queen of England. Well, Mommy's been doin ofur stuff insteada helpin me wif pikshurs. Here I am givin the Queen a soft headbumpie. She was furry nice, so I thought maybe she'd like a nice kitty headbumpie. She smiled so I guess she did. I'm awful glad I don't gotta wear hats like she does. She wears enough for bof of us, tho.

Queen Sanjee of the Hot(M)BC

Sanjee the Queen Bee Kitty


Midnight Mancat Monday

Majestic Monday? HMPH! Sisfurs can be too much sometimes. Doesn't she know it's Mancat Monday and Midnight Monday? I think I'll take a nap and ignore her.

your bud Pepi