May 1, 2007

Light Black Tuxie Tuesday

I'm sad. Mom found a bag of Temptations and decided to give us a couple each because she felt sorry for us missing out on our favorite treats. They made me sick to my tummy. :( I barfed like 5 times. They didn't make any of the others sick to their tummies tho. So Mom thinks my tummy might just not handle any corn stuff or wheat or soy stuff good. Especially since I hadn't barfed any since we have been eating the by Nature's Organics chick-hen flavor foods with no corn or wheat or soy. So the last bag of Temptations went into the trash. *sigh* I'm so sad. I like the shrimpies things, but they're just not tem-tay-shuns.

HAPPY UPDATE! 5:10PM - Mom got us some new treats called Happy Hips and they are SO YUMMY! I could eat the whole bag if Mom would let me! AND they have no grains at all, so they won't upset my tummy. YAY! Fanks Mom!

Sad Happy Gree

Pee Ess. There's a Healing Prayer Circle and Memorial tonight at the Pet Prayer and Praise blog at 9pm Eastern Daylight Time. Mom says details are here.