May 11, 2007

I'm offishul! (and a 5 Tail Salute)

Look what I got in the male yesterday! The ASPCA maded me a reel live member! I'm offishul now! How cool is that?

I's been on their emale list fur a while, but they finally sented me a reel membership card. They's behind the times. A'course I got Mommy to send a lil donashun in my name. I tried to make her send a big one, but she said she couldn't cuz we hadn't robbed dat bank yet. (Well that's ONLY cuz my fur sisfurs and brofur hadn't got their disguyses togefur. I gots mine tho!)

I's so purroud to be an ASPCA member! Take that, specism!

Purrrrrrs Purroudly,
Sanjee, Offishul ASPCA member
(and Queen of the HotMBC a'course)
Sanjee the Queen Bee Kitty

Pee Ess from Gree. Sheesh. She's really going to be insufferable now. Anybody want to borrow a sisfur? For a really long time?


And we're all sending a
5 Tail Salute to

Fank you for all you've done help us all be ok wif all the pet food recalls!!!
Saluting wif Tails in the air for!

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