Apr 1, 2007

Slow Sunday

It's kinda a slow Sunday round here at the HotMBC. Grandma got up reel early to make foods to take to the homeless shelter so she's hafin a nap. Mommy's been werkin on some stuff. Boring stuff. Like her own werk bloggy n joolry n stuff. It's nice n cool but not cold tho, so I've been snugglin up wif my Secret Paws blanky. I like that. :) Mini n Boni are curled up in their beds by the livin room window. I like that too cuz that means Mini isn't sneakin into my room to eat my foods. I fink Pepi and Gree are upstairs nappin, but I's too lazy to go check.

We's been worried tho, bout the kitties n woofies out there wif all these pet food recalls. Now sum dry foods are bein recalled. :/ We only eats dry foods. (Well, aside from tem-tay-shuns hehehe) So pleeze haf your beans help yoo keep up wif the noos bout the pet food recalls, k? Good places to keep tabs are yore local noos website, Humane Society of the US, ASPCA, and the Cat Blogosphere.

'Scuse me now cuz I gotta go make Mommy reecharge her bat-trees for her flashy box so's she can take pikshurs of our beautemous feline selves.

Sanjee the Queen Bee Kitty