Apr 11, 2007

Phew! and EEEK

Seems like new cat foods and dog foods wif wheat gluten gets recalled most efurry day. So Mommy's been checkin labels fur us. Cat Chow (in the bloo bag) don't got wheat gluten. AND Tem-tay-shuns do not haves wheat gluten. Phew! Mommy checked every kind and they don't got it. Mini is dancin round about that!

Mommy discuvered almos by aksident (cuz she was bein obsessive hehehe) that Whiskas Cat Milk has Trisodium Phosphate in it!!! WTF??? That's crap you use to clean walls and it's so icky yoo gotta wear gloves when yoo use it to clean walls!!! (Um... it's also used in some kindsa Fleet's enemas) Why wuld a kitty wanna drink wall cleaner or enema stuff??? YUK! (I's not gonna ask why anybean wuld wanna use it as an enema. I's skeered to find owt.)

Sanjee the Queen Bee Kitty

Pee Ess.
The Mom Robyn Update: Since lotsa nice kitties and beans has asked about Mommy, I thoughted I shuld do a Mommy update. Mommy's doing ok, fanks. Her meddycines aren't quite rite yet. Wifout the one that maded her legs jump, the ofur one for her black cloud is makin her hyper. But she says hyper is better than the black cloud, so it's not too bad. She has a bean V-E-T appointment this furriday to see about trying somefin that don't make her hyper OR make her leggies jump around. So we's got our paws crossed they can find somefin that werks just rite for her. :)