Apr 2, 2007

Manic Monday

EEEEEEEEEK! The Cat Blogosphere bloggy is down. (Well, "eeek" is not what Mom's saying, but I'm not supposed to use those words.) Mom's sented a trubble ticket to the webhost for it, so we hopes it'll be back up really soon. Cross your paws they'll get it fixed realy soon! (Or Mom may have to have her mouth washed out with soap.)

Cat Blogosphere UPDATE 7:12PM EDT: Mom got an email from the webhost. They said it's the bloggy database on DB that's whacked, but they need to know what database it's using. Apparently the webhost can't read their own documentation!!!! Can you imagine running a webhost service and not even being able to see what is working and what isn't??? Mom said lots more bad words. Sheesh. Anyways, Mom sent them an email with the information and maybe they can fix it soon now. And Mom's gonna see if she can move it to a noo and better place once it's workin and she can back everything up right.

Cat Blogosphere UPDATE 11:26PM EDT: Mom heard from the webhost. Regular support can't figure it out so they've escalated it to level 2 support. For some reason their 24 hour support guarantee no longer applies tho. We're definitely movin that blog. Now I gotta go rob a bank so we can do that. hehehe

And this is a redux Midnight Man-cat Monday pic for me. (Mom's too busy saying bad words at the CB web host to see if the flashy box's bat-trees are ready yet.) I'm still being very helpful, though, helping Mom make jewelry. I know she appreciates it!

your bud Pepi

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