Apr 3, 2007

Cat Blogosphere Update

Cat Blogosphere is back up and running! Yay! The old webhost don't know why tho, so don't hold your breaf about it. We's still movin it to a stable host so we won't keep having these problems over and over. Else Mom's gonna go bald and end up eating a diet of all soaps from having to wash the bad words out of her mouth.

UPDATE 7:51PM EDT: Oh gosh wow! Fanks for the hostin donashuns! Mommy's eyes are leeking. The hostin is all paid for cuz of yall's donashuns! Wow it's like the CB kinda more beelongs to efurrycat now! Neato! Fanks lots!

The Cat Blogosphere blog is still down. :( We miss our noos!
The host it's on right now doesn't even guarantee 24 hours turnaround for support once it's gone to level 2. So we don't know when we'll hear from them. And we're tired of them letting us down. So Mom took her green papers and went and got new hosting for it. It'll take a day or two for it to show up again cuz of the way domain names work, but it'll be back up! She's moving it to the webhost where she has her business site cuz it just never goes down (so far, knock on wood). Mom's kinda sad cuz she hadta spend her meddycines green papers on it, but she's really happy the Cat Blogosphere will be running again soon. If you can hit the tip jar for a buck or two, that'd be a big help. See, if she put it back on blogger, then KC wouldn't be able to do the daily news any more the way she does cuz of features the hosted blog has that blogger and other free places don't. Plus all the other neat features. And control of the site (KC's admin, fanks KC!!!) and that kind of stuff. But it'll all work out we're sure. :)

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