Mar 1, 2007

Thursday Thirteen #7

Thirteen Reasons Mini Likes to Lounge in Mom's Lap

1. It's nice and padded.
2. I get scritches.
3. Mom tells me how wonderful I am.
4. I can read my friends blogs from there.
5. I can tell Mom what to type on our blog from there.
6. Nocat else can fit in her lap when I'm lounging there.
7. I can sleep there if I want to.
8. Nocat bugs me when I'm in Mom's lap.
9. Mom sings to me sometimes when I'm in her lap.
10. It's easy to keep track of her when I'm there.
11. Mom's knee is just perfect to hang over to relax.
12. I can snuggle with her in her blanky when it's chilly.
13. I love Mom.

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