Mar 4, 2007

Spotty Sunday

It's spotty Sunday, so I thought I'd show you a secret. The inside of my mouth is spotty! Nobody knows why. I just do. I can taste my crunchies and tem-tay-shuns just fine though, fank Bast. Mom says she had a calico kitty once who had a spotty mouth. I don't look very calico, though. Maybe I'm a calico in disguise? Who put the disguise on me? I thought I had a spotty mouth forever. Well, if my crunchies start tasting funny, I'll hire a investi-cat-or to find out.

Several of our cat furriends asked if Mom's noze is ok after her blowin Diet Coke through it. Yep! Her noze is ok. (Well, it's ok for a bean nose. Bean noses look funny all the time anyway if you ask me.) Fanks for bein concerned about Mom's noze, though.

your bud Pepi