Mar 16, 2007

Some Things Mom's Done

We found this neat page of Signs You're a Cat Lover. Mom's done a lotta these things here's some.
  • You don't want to get up to answer the call of nature because kitty is sleeping on your lap.
  • the woman at the checkout notes that you must be a cat person when there is not one cat item in the cart. -- It's those darn scratches! Dead give away!
  • You start "meowing" at people in the office or at class, and are surprised that they don't understand.
  • You refer to your cats as "the babies".
  • You wake up with an aching back because kitty was sleeping on your stomach all night and you wouldn't think of moving her.
  • You do a remarkable fandango any time you feel anything remotely tail-like under your foot, trying not to step on it.
  • Dodging around cages and stepping over toys (in every room) doesn't strike you as inconvenient. Or even unusual.
  • You meow so well you confuse kitty.
  • and lots more!

Go see the whole list and see what your beans have done too.


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