Mar 11, 2007

Sleepin and sleepin

Eifur Mommy's turnin into a kitty cat or the meddycines they's got her tryin now are knockout drops. I don't see no exta furs on her or a tail or nice pointy ears, so I guess they's knockout drops. They's maded her sleep so much she hadn't had time to help us blog the last few days! Horrybul!

Well, there's one good fing. We can 'xplore the whooooooole house wifout her say "nonono" hehehe

Pepi diskovered a lil sculpture on toppa the winder in the studio room. We fink it looks lots nicer on the floor instead. Mommy hasn't seed that yet, but I bets she'll agree. Don't yoo fink so? Boni's also founded a nice sleepin spot on the mantel in the livin room. She says she can keep an eye on efurryfing from there reel good. I just kno Mommy will be purroud of Boni fur keepin watch so good. And Mini finded a bag of tem-tay-shuns and openeded it up fur efurrycat to share. Wasn't that nice of Mini? Mommy will be so happy to see that Mini's tummy is all totally better! And we kno she'll be purroud of Mini fur sharin too. Yup. Fur sure! I's suspishus tho cuz Gree hasn't saided what she's been up to. Sum sekrit thingy, I bets. I hopes it's somefin Mommy will be happy bout. An me? A'course I's been good! Yoo knows it! hehehe

Sanjee the Queen Bee Kitty