Mar 24, 2007


Mini helps Mom make jools.

I was helping Mom make jewelry. While I was bizzy, tho, Boni got into the nip for Uncle Roman's purrthday! And his purrthday isn't until tomorrow! What if we don't have enuff nip to party for Uncle Roman's purrthday?!?!?!

Boni says, "Woooooooow, that was SOME nip!"

Well, she better not have eaten all the tem-tay-shuns at least. I'd hafta pounce her TWICE or maybe even THREE times if she did that! We can't celebrate Uncle Roman's purrthday tomorrow wifout tem-tay-shuns! I better go check the tem-tay-shuns supply right now.

::waves a paw::
see ya!
~~ Mini

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