Mar 18, 2007

Nearly Bald Mom

We's late posting tooday cuz we neerly had a bald Mommy. She wuz reddy to pull out her hair cuz she couldn't find Gree!

This is where Gree shuolda been. Well, one of the plases. But there was no Gree!

Mommy neerly pulled her hair out lookin and lookin. She was furry worried cuz Gree wasn't feelin good last nite. Her tummy was furry icky. I tried to tell Mommy where Gree wuz, but Mommy doesn't unnerstand meow furry well. Mommy pulled all the bokses out frum under the bed to see if she was hidin there. Mini efun did rekonnisance and wented under there to check. And alla the stuff in the bottom of the linen closet got pulled out. And Mommy crawleded under the sofa wif that flashlite. And she checked behind the human teevee and in Sanjee's room and in the ofur bafroom and all ofur. She efun checked in the kitchen cabinets! Then when Mommy wented to check the sunporch to look for more hidey places Gree mite be hidin in, Gree came out onto the sunporch wif Mommy!!! Mommy was so happy to see Gree, she didn't efun fuss at her for hidin so good. She petted Gree lots and tolded her she was soooooooo happy to see her. Then she gave her a couple a tem-tay-shuns. Gree was glad she'd come outa hidin! hehehe

So now Gree is back where she beelongs and Mommy won't hafta go bald. :)

Sanjee, Offishul HotMBC ree-purrter too
Sanjee the Queen Bee Kitty

Pee Ess. Gree tolded me she wuz telerportin wif her best furriend Mistrie. Mistrie had gived her sum tips fur helpin an icky tummy and they werked! So Gree and Mistrie had telerported owtside to play in the sun.