Mar 19, 2007

Mu Shue Man-Cat Midnight Monday

Mu Shue Monday - Mu Shue Week

Rocky of Artsy Catsy declared today Mu Shue Monday. I fink that's apawpriate because Mu Shue is a great Man-cat! Today is also the day Mu Shue goes in to have his radio treatment to fix his thigh-roid problem. He'll have to be there 5 whole days, so we're declaring it Mu Shue Week 'round here! We're going to be purring and purraying for him lots while he's gotta be at the v-e-t place. Hang in there Mu Shue, the week will go by quicker than you think! We luv ya bud!

Our buddy Mu Shue

Man-cat Midnight Monday

For my regular Man-cat Midnight Monday showin off, I thought I'd show you how I help Mom make jewelry. I am especially helpful at making her take a break so she doesn't overdo it and hurt her hands. Notice that our can of Rocky and Mao's Vishus Deer Repellunt is handy there behind me in case I need to chase any Vishus Deers off from Mom's jewelry bench. A good man-cat is always prepared! And helpful.

your bud Pepi

Pee Ess. Our furriend KC's Mom ML hurt her leg last night. Please go drop her a get well wish at their blog.

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