Mar 26, 2007

Monday Man-cat Tummy Ghost Report

Tummy Ghost Alert

As man-cat of the house, I have had to investigate these tummy problems our catizens and humans have been having. After thorough investigation (and consulting with 1-900-PSYKIK1) I have come to the conclusion that the house is infested by an evil Tummy Ghost. Last Thursday Mom's tummy was icky. On St. Patrick's Day, Gree had a messed up tummy (but Mistrie helped her get better). Today Mini's tummy is icky with her IBD again (but she got her medicine about an hour ago and should be ok really soon). My tummy even was icky for a while this weekend until I barfed, and I know it was the Tummy Ghost that did it, not the chocklit thing I stole from Mom when she wasn't looking. NONE of us, not even Mom, have eaten any recalled cat foods, so it must be a Tummy Ghost. Tummy Ghosts sneak into tummies and make them upset and cranky. Tummy Ghosts are the Patron Saints of Nausea and Queasiness. I read this somewhere but I forget where. Anyway, being a responsible man-cat, I feel it's my duty to call in a Tummy Ghost Exerciser Exorcist. If you know of any exercisers who speshulize in Tummy Ghosts, let me know. You might want to check your house for Tummy Ghosts too. I will be searching the web for prominent Tummy Ghost Exercisers today, so don't expect Mom to be able to email anybody. I may put her to work making Tummy Ghost amulets anyway. Together, we will vaniquish the Tummy Ghosts!!!

your bud Pepi

Pee Ess. In spite of Mini's worries, there was plenty of nip for Uncle Roman's purrthday party. Since Uncle Roman was at his house (he lives near Finny and Buddy) we called him on the phone and meowed happy purrfday to him. He thought that was funny. But it made him laff in spite of his team not winning the game, so I guess it's ok he thought it was funny. Then we had more nip and scratched some furniture (don't tell Mom) and then we passed out and napped a long time. Grate cellybration for Uncle Roman's purrthday.

Pee Pee Ess. I think somebuddy musta put somefin funny in Pepi's food. hehehe
Sanjee the Queen Bee Kitty

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