Mar 7, 2007


Mini's not feelin so hot. See? Her tummy is icky again. (Her tummy gets icky whenefur she gets stressed.) I don't care what Mommy says, *I* did not stress Mini out. I mean, just cuz I xplored the upstairs, well that couldn't do it. Could it? She comes in my room, so why shouldn't I go upstairs?

Anyways, Mommy says we gotsta be nice to Mini tooday. So we a'cided that it's Minisday insteada Wensday. Maybe I'll efun let her play wif one of my mousies if she wantsta.

UPDATE: The purrs n good wishes must be werkin. Mini ated two tem-tay-shuns today! She's feelin better, we can tell cuz a that. (She wouldn't eat none yesterday.) Fanks lots for helpin out my sisfur! I bet at this rate she'll be eatin efurryfing by tomorry :)

Sanjee the Queen Bee Kitty