Mar 3, 2007

hehehe and Happy Purrthday Jeter

We didn't kno she could squirt diet Coke out her noze! Part a the tekneek seems to be laffin a lot. She laffed so much at Rocky of ArtsyCatsy's post that said "...we must put the "fun" back in dysfunctional" that she squirted Diet Coke owt her noze!!! Way to go Mommy! You gots talent fur sure!

Now that we's all laffin at Mommy, we also wanna say...

Happy 3rd Purrthday Jeter Harris!
Haf sum toys n tem-tay-shuns on us :)

UPDATE: We got HUGS! Yay! Fank you all :) We's sendin out hugs to all our furriends cuz we can't make up our minds. hehehe (((((((((((((((((((((((((furriends)))))))))))))))))))


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