Mar 30, 2007

Fatty Friday

This is our buddy Fatty. He lives outside in the neighborhood, but he won't tell us where his beans live. He's not quite as fat as he used to be, but his beans have been helping him get the mats out of his fur so maybe he just looks skinnier cuz of that. We didn't see much of him during the winter, so we were kind of worried about him. Maybe his beans kept him inside tho. Us and Mom and Grandma are really happy he got thru the winter ok. Mom and Grandma fed him crunchies and treats every time they saw him this winter, but that wasn't all that much. Now that it's spring he visits lots more. Our beans said they think he goes from house to house getting foods. Well of course he does! He's a smart elder cat. (Don't tell Grandma and Mom, but me and Gree used to go on his rounds with him. Yum!) Fatty is my hero!

Oh, and guess what! Karen Jo wrote a limerick for me! About how fierce I am! :) Fanks Karen Jo!

your bud Pepi

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