Feb 10, 2007

Thank you all :)

Thank you all so much. :) I never in my wildest or weirdest dreams thought I'd have my very own appreciation day. I was so surprised when I got home and found all the sweet posts all over the cat blogosphere. :) :) What a great surprise! I was already feeling sooooooooo much better, and boy that just took me over the top. :) I can't think of any better words, so I'm going to copy my comment on the Robyn appreciation day post at the Cat Blogosphere blog here to make sure it doesn't get missed...

Mom Robyn here…

I’m back home and was feeling better anyway, but this was just such a wonderful surprise. I’m just so blown away. When I saw this, I got all leaky eyed with happies and ran and got Grandma Cat telling her to come look. I just couldn’t believe it I was so surprised. Thank you all so much. For everything. I just can’t think what to say to tell you how much all the posts and purrs and love and everything all mean to me. Thanks and thanks again. And I feel the love for sure, that means so much. :) :) And I promise I’ll keep and use the tips myself. That made me laugh so much what Edsel said (and the folks who emailed me the same thing). You know me too well. My first thought was, “Oh, I can give….” LOL But ok ok, I will give to the Mom Robyn fund hehehe. KC was totally right...The posts and love and purrs are the best gift. And the tips are a big help in a different sort of way. All of everything is just great of you. What a great group of cats and people and buns. I’d just hug you all hugely right now if I could. Thanks so much. I feel so blessed.
Love and huge hugs,

Yall are some loving cats and beans. :) :) I started visiting all your great blog posts, but I was too overwhelmed at the time (in a good way!) to say a thing. Now me and the kitties can use this as an excuse to go back and visit all of them and I can thank you personally. But to all of yall....

Thank you again :)
So much :)
Mom Robyn

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