Feb 3, 2007

Take Care of Your Beans

Boni Maroni here. :)

We saw where Mile's and Sammy's Mom has had the flu for 3 weeks, but the doctor is too expensive and the medicine. It made us and our Mom sad, but our Mom doesn't have insurance any more either so we know how it is. I talked with Mom and am gonna share some cheep and easy tips for you to help your beans keep flu bugs and colds and stuff away. And they can efun help your beans get better if they do get one of those icky bugs. Oh, I am not a doctor and Mom isn't either, this is stuff from our experiences, so be sure to see your doctor or other health care person about all health stuff!

1. Water your beans lots!

Beans aren't smart enough to drink enough water most of the time. Then they do stuff like use caffeine and alcohol and whatnot that dries them out even more. They say beans need at least 8 glasses of water a day. That's 8 ounce size glasses, so it's 64 ounces a day. Minimum. And that's on top of the coffee and sodas and other stuff. When was the last time you saw your bean drink all that water plus the flavored stuff they seem to like so much? Never? For most beans that's the answer. How does drinking all that water help your bean? It helps them flush out icky things from their bodies, like bacteria and waste stuff and toxins. And if they have less icky things in the body, the feel better. Doh. It also is sposed to help them be less wrinkly, keeps their poor furless skin softer, keep them from getting kidney and bladder infections, helps ouchies heal faster, helps the lungs work better, and all sorts of other good stuff . And when your bean is sick with a nasty bug, even more water helps their bodies get rid of all the nasty stuff from being sick. When Mom forgets to drink all her water her nose gets cloggy and stuff, and I hafta remind her to drink her water. When she does, she gets unstuffy again real quick. So remind your beans to drink their 8 glasses of water a day, and even more if they are feeling sicky. (Unless they take a medicine or something that it would affect, then they have to talk to their doctor purrson about how to do it so it doesn't cause a problem.)

2. Feed your beans right!

Eating good healthy food keeps your beans good and healthy. Well, it helps LOTS, even if it's not purrfect. Most beans don't eat the right healthy stuff all the time. They get bizzy (or lazy hehe) or whatever. If your beans are too bizzy (or lazy) to eat all the healthy foods they need, they can also haf vitamins or food supplements to help out. If they won't eat right, it may not seem too cheep to get vitamins or food supplements like health shakes, but it's lots cheeper than the doctor and medicine. Getting good nutrition is very impawtant. You can help them find lots of nutrition info online, just make sure it's from a reputable source. Make them eat right. Or else! We kitties need our cat staff to feel good so they can help us blog and stuff.

3. Sambucol and Vitamin D may help your beans immune system!

Sambucol - It's a Black Elderberry (whatever that is) extract that's been labratory tested to prove it helps with some kinds of flu. Read their site for info on clinical testing and whatnot. A friend of Mom's recommended it to her saying it helps the immune system and she went pooh pooh and ignored it for a long time. Then she got some and you know what? She hasn't been sick with a bug since. Even though the flu is going around and Grandma even had a tummy flu last week. Oh, Mom fell down and mashed her hand and knee, and hadta go to the dentist and stuff, but I don't think there's any kinda extract that'll stop that. hehe She gets the lozenges cuz she likes them best, but they have syrup too, and even sugar free ones. This stuff isn't cheap at the local shops usually. It was $20 for a thingy of 30 lozenges (they look like big purple spotty pills to me, but you suck on them like a lozenge hehe) for Mom here in town. So she looked around online and found a place called vitacost.com whereicon they're less than half that for the same amount so even with shipping she can get two for about the same price as here in town! Here's a couple linkies if you want to check: Nature's Way Sambucol Black Elderberry -- 30 Lozenges, Nature's Way Sambucol Black Elderberry Extract Sugar Free -- 4 oz. That's where Mom gets it now, cuz it's the same stuff but cheep! Might be worth your bean checking into this Sambucol stuff, anyways.

Vitamin D - Grandma read an article at her work (VCU Medical School Campus) that they've done some studies that one reason beans get sick more in the winter is they don't get out in the sun as much. And they think that's at least partly cuz the sun is where most beans get their vitamin D! Apparently Vitamin D is important for not getting some kindsa bugs. Mom looked it up and saw some studies and stuff that said the same thing, so she decided she'd try it. She found it cheep at the same place (Vitamin D3) too! She hasn't been taking it long at all, but I'll let you know how it goes. So you may want to get your bean to check out the sunshine in a bottle too.

4. Make your bean sleep enough!

Beans just don't have good sense like us cats do. They almost never sleep enough. Silly beans! Sleeping time is when lots of rebuilding and healing goes on in the body, so beans definitely need it. Encourage your bean to sleep enough by napping in front of them as well as just plain out telling them to sleep more.

It's hard taking care of our beans, but it's worth doing it. After all, they're our cat staff and we need them. And we luv them lots too. :)

Boni Maroni is not as skinny as macaroni