Feb 3, 2007

STILL Sellin the Sisfur

In case yoo didn't kno, this is my sisfur Mini. She's a furry nice kitty ('cept to me) and she's furry cute. So pleeze buy her (cheep!) and get her outta my fur.

CUTE n CUDDLY Mini Pawdigree
(See how valyoobul she is? Yoo gotta haf her!)

Mini the Moocher of the House of the (Mostly) Black Cats
{Black & White American DSH Tuxedo Cat Feemale}
Borned 2000? 2001? 2002? Somefin like dat.
Sire: Some Tomcat on the streets

Dam (is dat on Skeezix's bad werd list?): Mother Kitty on the streets
Littermates: She can't a'member or ain't tellin
Full Siblings: Ditto
Sisfurs: Sanjee the Queen of the Hot(M)BC, Boni Maroni of the Hot(M)BC, Gree of the Hot(M)BC
Brofur: Pepi the Grate Hunter of the Hot(M)BC
Skillz: Mooching, Purring, Eeting, Beggin for Tem-tay-shuns, Lap Hoggin, Makin Beans Smile,
Sits fur Tem-tay-shuns, Lets Beans Trim Her Claws wifout Fiting
Awards: 3rd Plase Luxor's Six Word Cat Story Contest

Well, King Miles I (my boyfriendcat) was rite. Mommy will not let me sell Mini and send her away. Pooey. She won't efun let me gif her away to a good home! We gotta keep her. ::sigh:: But I's deetermined. I's STILL sellin Mini (well, at least Mini goodies) to help out wif the taxesses n stuffs. So you can buy Mini heere at owr shop. She's cute. Buy her there. And I'll purrtend yoo's takin her far far away. hehehe

Sanjee the Queen Bee Kitty

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