Feb 28, 2007

Squillions Day is here!!!

Happy Squillions Day :)

We's had lotsa adventures wif Squillions here. We's so glad Derby and Vir-ginger taughted us all bout the Litter of Squillions! We fostered a bunch of squillions from the local Green Wall Shelter and ours dress up and hide in blankies. It's lotsa fun!

We likes our Squillions so m uch that to cellybrate Squillions Day, we's adopted a Virtual Squillion frum the noo Cat Blogosphere Shelter. Yoo can adopt a Virtual Squillion too!

Onyx and Mac says welcome to their Virtual Sisfur (or shuld that be Sis'ramic???) Clementina will be comin to live in our sidebar soon as we can get the staff to get on it. hehehe

Sanjee the Queen Bee Kitty