Feb 15, 2007

Save the Innernets!

Yall knows we's not furry pollitycal kitties cept fur supportin our furriend Chey for Pressydent (cuz she's a GOOD CAT and the humans hasn't done so good wif that jobbie).

So why do we gots this big thingy in our sidebar that says somefin about Congress?

Save the Internet: Click here

Cuz it is FURRY impawtant!!!

The innernet is our furriend. It helps us blog n visit our furriends on their bloggies too. We luvs the innernet!

See, if the big compnies gets to charge green papers so's websites n bloggies hafta pay to get good fast showin up on the innernets, this is what's gonna happen...

Our bloggy is gonna go frum this...

To this...

If they does that, our bloggy's gonna show up furry furry slow cuz we don't got green papers to pay to make it show up fast. And maybe if we don't gif the big compnies green papers, it may not show up at all! Or if they deesides they don't like us they might make it look like that last pikshur too! So our bloggy would be a furry sad plase.

So if you's rejistered to vote (if they lets cats where yoo live), go to Save the Innernets and they'll show yoo how to contact yore congressman n stuff (an it's free!). Or if they won't let cats rejister to vote where yoo live, meow and meow and meow until yore beans go and do it for yoo. Don't stop meowin til they does it! We wants our innernets free so all bloggies n websites can show up an show up fast wifout payin green papers! An if yoo wants yoo can get big or lil linky buttons to the Save the Innernets site to help ofur cats find their way to help our furriend the Innernets.

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