Feb 2, 2007

Need a Valentime? Or a sisfur?

Fob Off Furriday
(thee bean dikshionary fingy says fob off is like sellin hehehe)

Mommy sez we needs more monneys for somefin called taxexcesses. So I fought I'd help out by SELLIN MINI! We don't get along that grate anyways. So if you's a Man Cat hoo needs a Valentime, this is a purrfect pawpurrtunity fur yoo. Mini is garumteed to luf anywon hoo gifs her tem-tay-shuns (at least fur long as the tem-tay-shuns last). Or maybee yoo needs a cute sisfur. See how cute she is? Furry, furry cute. So go c'lect yer nickels n dimes n stuff an meet me bak here this weekend to get all the deetales.

Sanjee the Queen Bee Kitty