Feb 22, 2007

It's almost time!

Pepi: Hey, Gree, it's almost time for Grandma Cat's purrthday.

Gree: Yeah, it's tomorrow!

Pepi: I think she's gonna be a squillion years old.

Gree: Somethin like that.

Pepi: Sanjee's running around like a maniac getting ready to celebrate. I think there's gonna be a party. Maybe two.

Gree: Let's help. Grandma is good to us.

Pepi: Ok. And Uncle Roman is arriving today.

Gree: Grandma and Mom are all excited.

Pepi: We may not be able to get to the Prayer Vigil tonight tho.

Gree: Oh. Yeah that's true. Oh well. Let's tell everycat anyway.

Pepi: Good idea.

Prayer Vigil
Thursday, 22 February 2007
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