Feb 16, 2007

Formerly Free Friday

I was visitin my best furriend Mistrie, and Grandma and Mom made an awful decision wifout consulting me. When I came home I got this horrible news...

Me and Pepi are INSIDE cats now!
House cats!
We don't get to go outside now at all!

My best furriend Mistrie probably won't even like me any more cuz I'm an inside kitty now! What am I gonna do?!?!?!?!

'Scuse me while I go hide under the bed in shame. ::mumblemumble:: house cat... me... oh nooooo... I hope Mistrie don't hate me now ::sniff::

Oh, go see the Formerly Feral, Fun, Fashion and other Friday kitties at the Cat Blogosphere blog. Tell them to come save me!

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