Jan 10, 2007

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Things about the House of the (Mostly) Black Cats
"Thirteen Things Found on the Floor Here Today"
by Mini-the-Cat-Not-A-Mouse

1. Mousies. Lots of mousies. Too manny to list. Mousies with fev-ver butts. Mousies fulla catnip. Mousies made a wool n cotton n plastic n oh just efurrything. A gaggle of a squillion mousies.
2. Half a bag of white cheddar popcorn that won't let us eat that tho cuz of thingies in it that sticks in the teefs.
3. A cut off pocket from an old vest of Grandma's. WHY is Mom keepin that???
5. Our litterboxes.
6. Our cat trees. (It's no fair Sanjee gets one all to hersself!)
7. Poop on floor. WHY are you lookin at me that way Mom? Sheesh.
8. An enamelled ring. Ya fink Grandma knows it's missin from her joolry box?
9. A Ginger Altoids tin. It makes a GRATE noise when you bangs it against the legs of the furniture!
10. Paper. LOTS of paper. Mom's a paperholic! Is there a paperholics anonymouse?
11. Muddy footprints that looks like they belongs to Gree. Well they do! Really. I bet Mom hasn't seen them yet tho.
12. Cat fur. We're doing our best. :)
13. Boni Maroni. She's in a sunspot. This is not noos.


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