Jan 18, 2007

Thursday Thirteen ala Mini's Eye

Thirteen Things I Have to Keep a Close Eye On
by Mini-the-Cat-Not-A-Mouse

1. The tem-tay-shuns bag. I gotta know where it is at ALL times.
2. The crunchies bowls. I hafta check regularly cuz sometimes my sisfurs and brofur nudge them around, or even worse, EAT ALL the crunchies!
3. The crunchies motherlode. I keep an eye on that thru the clear lid its got so I can meow to Mom or Grandma if it gets low.
4. The Cat Staff. Gotta make sure at least one is always here to serve us.
5. The PTU, just in case it gets loose and tries to suck me in it.
6. Gree. She eats her tem-tay-shuns so fast she tries to get mine after hers are gone! I didn't think anycat could eet tem-tay-shuns faster then me. *whispers* Don't tell Gree, but I'm kinda impressed.
7. Boni. Sumtimes she sneaks up on me and pounces me. Jus fur fun, but I should be the one doing the sneakin and pouncin.
8. Mom's lap. It's MINE!
9. The food room. That's where the chick-hen and hamm grow in the cold box.
10. Mom, even when she's not making a lap for me, cuz Mom minus lap = tem-tay-shuns opportunity.
11. My heaty cat bed. Boni's the only sisfur I allow in it.
12. Beans on the steps. They can be dangerous for tails and paws if yore not careful.
13. The words V-E-T and Mini in the same sentence.


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