Jan 21, 2007

NOT Pleased

I guess this is a Spotty Sunday post cuz I have a new spot. On my face.

Mom brought me in fur the night last night. That's not so bad I guess. It's kind of cold out there. But Mini was being cranky. She hissed at me for no reason. All I was doing was going up the stairs. So I hadta put the smackdown on her, and she smacked me back. And I hissed. And she hissed. Then that twerp got one of her claws caught on my FACE! And she didn't let go! *sigh* I hadta smack her again just to make her let go.

I just have a tiny booboo from where her hypo-der-mik needle claw stuck. But I am NOT pleased. Mom's not pleased either. She gave me tem-tay-shuns and didn't give Mini any, just for sticking her claw in my face. haha! So there, Mini. Take that with the lazer eyes too! I think I'll go stay with Mistrie for a while. She'd never try to hang on my face by a claw.


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