Jan 15, 2007

Midnight Monday

I picked out this pikshur for Midnight Monday cuz it shows off my black foofiness nicely. (And my Secret Paws goodies from Charlie and Pandora, fanks guys!) Since I've been staying inside, my fur has gotten very soft and foofy. It feels good.

Today I'm going outside, though. Grandma has a little sticky person over! This little sticky person is nice enough, and she has kind of a cool name, Jaz. But she's all over the place! A cat can't groom in peace without her flying by with something in her hand. So I think I'll hang out in the yard. It's quieter there. Plus we have new neighbors, a kitty AND a woofie. They say the woofie is nice and doesn't chase cats. I think I'll check with the new kitty and see what he says before I believe that. I'll let ya know what I find out.

Your bud,