Jan 27, 2007

How Bout That

Gree and Pepi gotted noo name pikshurs tooday. I got nuffin. HMPH!
A'course, my name pikshur is purrfect already. And Pepi's and Gree's needed updatin. After all, Pepi's lookin lots handsumer now that he's stayin inside mostly and his fur is getting all sooper foofy. And Gree's pikshur didn't sho her best side beefore. So I guess it's all good.

Well Mommy did go get us more turd gravel tooday. I gots a whole huge box all fur myself. So I guess I gotted somefin. I think I'da liked a noo mousie better tho. But I hates a messy smelly litterbox, so noo turd gravel is good. Just not what yoo'd call a'citing.

Sanjee the Queen Bee Kitty