Jan 5, 2007

Formerly Feral Friday and Secret Paws!

I's formerly feral, so I gets to show off my Secret Pawsies pressies furst! hehehe See how civvylized I am now? hehehe
My Secret Paws camed all the way from Poiland! Fank you KoKo!!! I couldn't wait to pull my goodies out. And lookie! KoKo's Mommy maded this beeyutiful blankie for me! It's all soft n snuggly n shows off my shiny furst great! KoKo you did a sooper job pickin out the yarns for it. Now I haf my furry own blanky to rassle wif and snuggle under. I's such a lucky poodin. And to fink I usedta be feral! Wow! Fank you again KoKo!

I loves the nip mouse and the ball too. See how crazy they maded me? hehehe And Mommy n Grandma luv the chocky thingies and they says they's gonna try the coffee soon and said to tell you fanks lots too!

Sanjee the Queen Bee Kitty

Mom made me come inside. She said it was too cold and wet to do Secret Paws outside. I couldn't believe what I saw! Is all that fur me? Really? WOW! I've never done Secret Paws before. This is really cool! And they're wrapped goodies too!

Mrs. Sniffles is just the greatest Secret Paw! She sent me treatsies (Temp-tay-shuns! YUM!) and gourmet stinky goodness!!! I've nefur had stinky goodness before. I bet this is yummy stuff tho, one kind efun has duck in it! No ducks around here for me and Pepi to hunt, so I wonder what that tastes like. Maybe I'll haf that one first.And lookie, a kitty bowl just for me! Mom you didn't do a great job getting a picture of it. You'll have to try again. Anyways, FANK YOU Mrs. Sniffles for makin my first Secret Paws the best!



It's my first Secret Paws too. And my box came all the way from England! It's from the BritCats Charlie and Pandora! See here where Mom made me wake up to see. hehe I was napping, but I woke up fast!

Look, a mousie! That's the first thing that came out of the box from Charlie and Pandora. I LUV mousies! And before I could properly test play the gray mousie, more stuff came out of the box. WOW! MORE mousies! A whole bunch of them in a Chrissymouse!!! tree shape. Mom laughed about the Chrissymouse tree fulla mousies. But I was bizzy exploring efurryfing else. FANKS LOTS Charlie and Pandora! Look there's treats -- and I'm NOT sharing wif all these girls haha! -- and balls, and a snoman, and efun a ball wif a fev-ver but AND a fev-ver head! Neat! FANKS and FANKS more Charlie and Pandora!!! You made my first Secret Paws SUPER!

Your bud Pepi

Me and Boni couldn't wait. So we sorta opened our Secret Paws together. Boni's my best furriend, so it's ok.
My Secret Paws came all the way from Noo Zeeland!!! Can you believe that?!?! It's from the Famous Five in Wellywood! They wanted me to be famous too I guess cuz they sent me TWO boas! Noooooooooo not snakes! Fev-very boas! One is pink (hehehe poor Skeezix will be jealous) and the ofur is white. I can chase n drag them all ofur. Wheeeeeee! And I got treats and they are YUMMY! And a treat ball too! Wow! It drops treets all ofur. How neato! And I got a grow a pet fingy I'm not sure what it is. Do I grow my own pet kitty? I'll have to get Mommy to help me wif that.

And nip toys! Of d-o-g-s! Mean ones a'course, so I won't feel bad about putting the bitey on them and giving them the kicky kick! And the Famous Five sented my Mom some neato chocolates from way far away that she says taste very yummy. I think my treats are better tho! hehehe FANK YOU FAMOUS FIVE! Yall are sooper Secret Paws!

And look what happened to Boni. She hadded so much fun wif her Secret Paws and min that she got all nipped out and fell ofur. hehehe (She's ok tho)

Yep, I'm ok! I just wore myself out with my crinky toys and balls from Bandit (and Mini's nip toys too) . hehehe I LOVE crinkly toys! They make such great noises when you chew them. hehehe Mom said I didn't stay still enough for good pictures until I conked out. Oopsy! Sorry bout that Bandit. And look Bandit sent a great kitty calendar for Mom too! Mom says the kitties in it are almost as adorable as us. hehehe And stinky goodness. Oh gosh, I'm in heaven. Yummy stinky goodness. Mom says I can't eat too much at once or I'll frow up cuz it's so yummy and rich. But that'll just make it last longer. Yippee! FANK YOU LOTS and LOTS Bandit cuz you're a sooper Secret Paw and you efun got me my favorite CRINKLY Toys!

Purrrrrrrrrrs and Purrrrrrrrrrrrs,
Boni Maroni is not as skinny as macaroni

And don't miss all the other kitties at the Friday Ark and Sunday at the Carnival of the Cats hosted at Leslie's Omnibus! (Mini's still eating on her treats from the last Carnival! hehehe)

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