Jun 30, 2006

Lotsa Stuff

Gee, lotsa stuff's been happenin while our cable thingy was going weirdy!

First, Grandma's ok!!! She didn't have to have no straws put in her veins or nothin! The lucky mousie worked!!! She hadded it in her pocketsbook. :) She just had to take it easy after the test so's the lil hole they made would heal up. Somefin about arteries. I don't understand it all, cept that I'm FURRY HAPPY that Grandma is ok. :) AND she got to come home so's I could sleep on her feet. Yay! Thank you Oreo for lettin folks know Grandma was ok when we couldn't cuz of the weirdy cable thingy.

Second, this furry furry nice bean named Malcolm rescued a lil baby kitty out of the street that had been hit by a car!!! Hit and run! Other beans just walked by, but he was so nice he stopped and rescued the kitty. It maded Mommy cry when she heard, cuz he was so nice when other beans were bein so mean. The lil baby kitty doesn't got a name yet, so they're havin a kitty name contest you can enter over at his blog. But poor lil "No Name Yet" had to have big surgeries to fix her broked up leg. The xrays of it are skeery!!! Poor kitty. Malcolm's not rich neither, so he's asked for help with the vet bill. So please give him a couple bux for the kitty V-E-T bill if you can. Every penny helps! "No Name Yet" is furry cute, and she's a TUXIE!!! Come on gang, we gotta help our fella tuxies out yanno. Well, any fella kitties, really, cuz gingers and callyco's and black cats and white cats and all color cats are special too. But it's so cool she's a tuxie. :) You can see her piktures on their blog, and read bout the whole story too. :)

Third, I finks Mommy needs tranquilizers. She is not a happy bean when her internet thingy don't work. I don't like it much either cuz I can't blog. But I just naps til it works again. hehehe Mommy needs med-i-ka-shun, tho, maybe. Maybe not since it's workin now. I hopes it stays workin!
~~ Sanjee
Sanjee the Queen Bee Kitty

Serves Mom right. That's what she gets for puttin that stinky stuff on me. I might let her pet me again next week. If she's REALLY nice. And if she gives me tuna.
~~ Gree


I think Gree is being a silly girl. I hate fleas more than I hate the stinky tube.

We're furry glad that "No Name Yet" got rescued and got a bionic leg thingy to fix her broken leg. Come on gang, let's give this Malcolm guy a 5 tail salute!
*5 tails salutin in the air*
~~ Mini and Boni

PS. I groomed Boni today. Mom almost fainted when she saw it. hahaha! ~~ Mini
Boni Maroni is not as skinny as macaroni

A Note from the Mom
I am still sitting here with tears leaking down my face. I'm just bowled over. One guy stopped to rescue one little kitten, and look what's happened. The kitty has a new lease on life. I'm seeing living, moving and shaking proof that people can, even in this world today, be so good. Not just Malcolm, but all the people who have been donating so that this one little cat can have a chance at life. Just when I feel ready to throw in the towel and give up on the human race, something so good comes along. Thank you.
~~ Robyn aka MoM

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Jun 26, 2006

Visiting Mistrie, Helping Grandma

Visiting With Mistrie

I had LOTS of fun visiting Mistrie. She's such a furry nice furriend. :) We did lotsa things, even tho it was furry hot. That was a good excuse to take extra naps tho. We napped and climbed the climbing tree and checked out the best mouse hunting ground and all kindsa stuff. The climbing tree is super cool now with all those cat names and initials from the 'Lympics carved into it.

I telerported over there all safe. Mistrie was waiting for me, but I sorta sneaked up behind her.

Here we are lookin for the fishies in the pond.

I saw fishies! Real live not dead ones! I've nefur seen a real live not dead fishie before.

Mistrie showed me where the stinky goodness was. Her Mom put out extra cuz I was visiting. That was so nice of her. Me and Mistrie had lotsa outside girl kitty things to talk about, so I slept over. I nefur had a sleep ofur with a friend before! Mistries Mom says that if we wore pajamas it woulda been a pajama party. Why would we wear pajamas? We have purrfectly wonderful fur. Even nice beans are funny sometimes.

I camed home this afternoon. I didn't wanna leave my bestest friend Mistrie, but it was good to come home too. Pepi was furry glad to see me. I was glad to see him too. He's my brofur buddy, and we looks out for each other.

Thank yall for inviting me Mistrie and Mom Toni! I hopes you can come visit us sometime Mistrie! I'll show you all the neat stuff here and Mom will make sure she has stinky goodness for you, she said. Or I'll share my crunchies and treatsies. And maybe our ofur bestest furriend Mia can come too!
~~ Gree


Helping Grandma Get Ready

I've been helpin Grandma get ready for her heart thingy tomorrow. Since she don't know if she'll get to come home tomorry night, I gave her lessons on napping anywhere. And I loaned her one of my mousies in case she gets bored. See?

Grandma said to tell yall thank yous furry much for the purrayers and good wishes. She said she's sure she'll be fine tomorry, wif all those purrayers and now that she has a mousie to take wif her. :)

I hopes she can come home tomorry night. I like to sleep on her feet. Maybe Mommy will let me sleep on her feet if Grandma has to have a pajama party at the hospital.

I gotta go now and sleep on Grandma's feet.
~~ Sanjee
Sanjee the Queen Bee Kitty

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Jun 25, 2006

For Grandma

Dear Grandma,
You wanted to know bout Jack the Cat that chased the bear up the tree. Finny and Buddy gots piktures on their blog and here's a news article bout him for you. Isn't Jack a brave kitty?

Boni Maroni is not as skinny as macaroni

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Naps with Mousies

Naps with Mousies

I nap wif my mousies so Mini don't mooch them. She's a mousie moocher. Amont ofur things.
~~ Sanjee

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Pepi's Sunday Updates

Gree has gone to visit Mistrie today. I bet she's havin fun. I am too. I got extra treats. I love the crunchy treats in the blue can. (Note from the Mom lady: Pounce Carribbean Catch Crunchy Style) They're easier to catch than birds too.

The nice neighbor guy named Jim came by the yard today and asked if the Grandma and the Mom lady would feed his kitty Oliver while him and his family's on vacation. A'course, they loves kitties, so they said yes. The funny thing is Oliver is the used-to-be-stray cat that bit the Grandma back Febmewary. The nice neighbor guy Jim rescued Oliver from the animal control beans after the control freaks watched him enough to make sure he didn't got rabies. He brought Oliver back from the animal control beans, and now Oliver owns Jim and his family. He doesn't bite now tho since he had his hoo-ha-ectomy and got stabbed at the V-E-T. Oliver that is. I dunno if Jim had a hoo-ha-ectomy since he wears pangs and the Mom lady told me it would be rude to ask Jim that. It started to rain on us while Jim was talking to my beans. The beans went in the house and Jim went home. I went into our Igloo and sat so I could watch the world from inside the flap. Our igloo is under soem bushes now, so it's a cool and safe hideyspot. Oliver better not think he can just use our igloo just a'cause the Grandma and the Mom lady feed him when Jim's on vacation.
~~ Pepi

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Jun 24, 2006

Like I Suspected, Stinky Tube, Purrayers

Like I Suspected
Yep, I got taken to the V-E-T yesterday. *sigh* The lady even tricked me into getting into the plastic box to go there. How embarassing. But it was even more embarassing when I got there. That V-E-T guy poked and prodded and even stuck a therMOMeter in my.... well you know. Then to add injury to insult he stabbed me with a needle! Now I understand why Mini said the V-E-T's is a stabby place. Oh well. The mom lady said I don't have to get a rabies stabbing for another 3 years now. I can wait that long at least. But I'm a tuff guy, and I survived. I even forgave the lady. She's obviously ignorant of how undignified and ouchy it is at the stabby place.
~~ Pepi


Stinky Tube
Pepi had to go to the stabby place yesterday. I didn't though. Yay for me. :) But then today Mom attacked me with that tube of smelly stuff. I'm still holding my paw ofur my nose! Mom says it's an advantage of some sort and it makes fleas go away. But it sure does stink bad. I don't like the stinky tube.
~~ Gree


Purrayers for Grandma
Lotsa beans needs our purrayers right now. We sends purrs and purrayers and happy headbutts all the times to all our furriends beans and to our poodin furriends that needs them. If you gots extras tho, our Grandma could use them. About 50 sleeps from now (Toosday, Mommy says), Grandma's gotta get a heart test thingy done and she may have to get a thingy put in her veins and stay at the Bean V-E-T Place ofurnight. I don know the details, but it sounds skeery to me. So please send any purrs and purrayers you can to our Grandma for Toosday. We luvs our Grandma furry much and want her to be all ok and get to come home Toosday night so we's can look after her poodin style.
~~ Sanjee
Sanjee the Queen Bee Kitty

PS Do you likes what we did wif puttin our piktures wif our own postins? hehehe

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Jun 23, 2006

Cationary, Cat Links and Stuff

Cationary Part I is ready and it's posted over at the Cat Blogosphere!
Whew! Writing a cationary is a lot of work, even tho all the blogging cats helped by saying what their favorite cat words were back in April. I'm purrty sure I didn't get all the catonese words though, so if you have more cat words please email me them. You can get our email here at the very top of the page.
I'm gonna add lots more stuff, like who discovered or defined the words and whatnot. But that'll take more time, so it'll be a lil later.
~~ Boni

We also gots link stuff for yas. If you use blogrolling.com and want a copy of the blogging cats links OPML, just email us at the email like Boni said and we'll send them to you. We gots OPML for each of the sections of links we gots here at Hot(M)BC or we can make up one wif all of them for you. OPML is a thingy where you can import into blogrolling.com. It's in beta (wonder where alpha went?) but you can try it if you wanna. We also got most of them in blogger format for you if you want 'em that way so you can paste 'em right into your template. Oh oh! And thanks lots to Oreo for sharin his links! That was furry nice of him.
~~ Sanjee

Our pets picked their names. Fanks for yalls help.
My pet is Onyx, Boni's (the gray tabby) is Mac, and Sanjee's is Pinky. Pinky wants to see Poiland, so she may go see Shadow, Merlin and Ko-ko and live there. Sanjee said that's ok and we'll share Onyx and Mac wif her. We'll let you know if Pinky gets to go on an adventure to Poiland.
~~ Mini

I heard a mean rumor that I got to go to the V-E-T later today. I hope it's just a rumor. I don't like that guy.
~~ Pepi

If Pepi has to go there, can I have his share of treats?
~~ Gree

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Jun 21, 2006


Look what they did to this poor Tuxie cat!!! They enslaved him (her?) and are forcin him to be a footrest! How undignified! I can't believe they did that. Meanies.

Wanna know the really bad part? Mommy wants one of them!!!! I think I'm gonna have to go poop on her pillow just for sayin that. HMPH!

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Jun 20, 2006

Pets and Problems

Lookie! We got pets too!

Derby and his mum discovered that the Green Wall Shelter had kitties to dopt, and Vir-ginger came to live with them. He and his mum have been helpin bloggin kitties dopt them too! We sent our Mom down to the local Green Wall Shelter and there were 3 kitties left to dopt! So we inside girls each dopted a pet kitty. Mine is on the left, and she's a black tabby. Boni's is in the middle and she's a gray tabby, and Sanjee's is on the left, the black tabby with more pink ears.

But we have a problem. They need names! The shelter here didn't give them names. And "Mini's Pet" sounds kinda silly. Will you help us name them? I sure hope so!

~~ Mini

PS Pepi and Gree thought takin care of pets outside was too much, so said they'd play with our pets when they're outside.

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Jun 18, 2006

Thanks for Fun Catolympics!

Thanks lots and lots to all the cats and beans who putted together the 2006 Catolympics! We hadded lots of fun! Specially thanks to Beau's Mom and Beau for settin it all up and Mom Toni and the Calico Girls for hostin it. And Mia and Ghost and Brendan for judgin cuz that's a real tough job. Oh and just efurrycat and efurrybean who helped!

I thinks Chatham should get a special award too for best dressed announcer. Mommy helped me cut out the AP (Associated Pussycat) photo from the Times. See? You'd never guess he 's a day over 8, but he just had his 19th purrthday!I woulda thought GK would be the best dressed announcer, considerin, but Chatham outdid himself!

And lookie! I wonned a medal! I wonned Bronze for Fittin in Small Boxes. Can you believe that?!?! Whoda believed a kitty as big as me *whispers Mommy says I'm 20 lbs* could win anything but the booby prize for fittin in a small box! But lookie, here's me wearing my medal after I gots home! I'm gonna get Mommy to put my medal on the side part of the blog cuz I'm so purroud.
I didn't winned at Tub Soccer but I'm real purroud cuz another girl cat got gold, my furriend Patches! Go girls!!! Woo hoo! I just knew that a girl kitty would win at Tub Soccer. :)

Boni gotted a Honorable Mention in Litter Throw. She was all surpurrised and pleased. Cuz see, she'd forgotted she'd signed up and she didn't even purractice! Can you imagine?!?! So you can see why Boni's all happy she made a good show. Boni had a great time getting to know Trixie too! Here's Boni and Trixie sitting outside the Catolympics Hotel watching the efurrycat get ready. From there they wented up to the stands to watch the competitions, long with lots of other cat furriends.

And Boni's Tuxedo Gangster Edsel even sneaked in all quiet to get two medals! We all thought he was too busy nursing his Mommy to be there, but he telerported over just for his events. Boni is furry proud of him.

Mini didn't do any events. She's too lazy and just likes to eat. But boy can she eat! Mini says thank you for all the wonnerful yummy foods! She's still lickin her lips thinkin bout it.We all hadded lots and lots of fun. :) Fank yous all lotses!


Jun 17, 2006

Catolympics Fun

I telerported home just to make Mommy tell Oh we had a good good time at the Catolympics openin ceremony last night. Beau was the emm cee and he did so good and looked all handsome and purrfessional. After the lightin the cauldron -- won't Mistrie purrty doin that? -- Ramona and Harper did a Sumo wrestlin thingy to show us all. Wow, they were fierce! Patches was so good introducin stuff too! I felt so special gettin to be there.

Then after the offishul ceremony, a bunch of us gotted together and hung out. We even danced! I gotted to do the hokey pokey with Derby, even! And Timmy was boogeyin all ofur the place. And Beau was shakin his bum. And Angie sachayed round the floor. We all had such a good time. We hadded to go to bed kinda early tho so we wouldn't be all worned out today. It'd be bad to be worned out for the Catolympics games tonight!!!

I can't wait for the games!!!

Oh yeah, Mommy said I have to tell yall that Mini said fanks lots for all the feel better wishes. Her tummy is all ok now. (And she tried to eat EFURYthing at the mess hall and dinin room at the 'lympics. hehehe) There Mommy, I told 'em. And some extra. hehehe

~~ Sanjee


Jun 16, 2006

Catolympics 2006! Wheeeeeee

The Catolympics 2006 fun has begun! See yall there :)

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Mini here.
I don't feel so good. My tummy is all icky feeling. Mom's put me in the box two times now and took me to the V-E-T. I don't think I like him too much. He pokes me and stuff. He says I have IBS. Well I don't want IBS! How do I get rid of it Mr. V-E-T? He said to eat this special food. OK, Mom putted it in the bowl, so I'm eatin it. My tummy still feels icky. He said to take pills. YUKKK! Mom keeps putting them in my mouth (and holding my mouth shut til I swallow), so I'm takin them. And my tummy still feels icky sometimes. Mom said she'd call him again today to see if he can help. I heard her mutter somethin about barfin on the rugs and Grandma not likin it too much. Geez, silly beans. I don't like it much neither!
~~ Mini (I am not a moocher! Nuh huh!)

PS Sanjee's so excited bout the Catolympics ceremony thing tonight that I'm surprised she don't barf on the rug too.

Jun 15, 2006

Welcome to Hot(M)BC

The House of the (Mostly) Black Cats, Hot(M)BC, was founded by Chloe, our Hero Cat who put up with MOM and Grandma Cat admirably for 18 years. Everyone raise their bag of Temptations or Catnip in a toast to the Lady Cat who got all this started when MOM was just a young, silly college student.

::Start Mean Ole Mom Announcement --
Mean Ole Mom (that's me) has decreed:
MOM's hands are wearing out from typing for me, my business, and all of the Cats. Until the Feline residents of the House of the (Mostly) Black Cats acquire one or more of the following - typing skills, new typist, brain to blog typing capability - we are all going to blog in one place, using one login. So I've opened up a blog for the House of the (Mostly) Black Cats aka Hot(M)BC to the public so everyone can blog and have fun. Complaints are to be typewritten in triplicate (and no, I won't type them for you), on this handy 1 inch by 1 inch complaint form. I will help you keep up Catnip Anonymous and the Cat Blogosphere blogs to help out other kitties, as long as my benevolence is not abused.
-- End Mean Ole Mom Announcement::

Current Kitty Residents of the Hot(M)BC (see photos above) are Sanjee, the Queen Bee Kitty; Boni Maroni, Tuxedo Gun Moll; Mini the Moocher; Gree the Outside Sisfur; Pepi the Outside Brofur. Sanjee and Boni have previously had blogs that are still available for historical and archival viewing. Mini previously used MOM's blog, which is also available for historical purposes.

Current Cat Staff of the Hot(M)BC are Mom (aka Mean Ole Mom or MOM), Grandma Cat.