Dec 14, 2006

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Reasons Why We Don't Want to Switch to the New Blogger

1. We's skeered of it.
2. It might mess up our bloggy.
3. It might mess up the Cat Blogosphere bloggy.
4. Mommy will skreem if she's gotta spend too days fixin our bloggies.
5. Our sensitive ears will break maybe if Mommy skreems.
6. We might not be abul to comment on anycat's bloggy after we do it.
7. Nocat might not be abul to comment on our bloggy after we do it.
8. Nocat might not be abul to comment on the Cat Blogosphere bloggy too.
9. Mini will laugh. I hate when Mini laughs.
10. Mommy might end up in the looney bin whereefur that is.
11. We might not get to visit Mommy in the looney bin.
12. We might gots to go to the kitty jail spa if Mommy's in the looney bin.
13. Our furriends might furget us if the noo blogger eats our bloggy.

But we's gotta be brave cuz now all the buttons are gone from our bloggy when we tries to post. *sigh* Wish us reel good luck. We hope it'll werk ok. (*whispers* but we's kinda skeered it won't)


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