Dec 28, 2006

Thursday Thirteen ala Pepi

Thirteen Things about Pepi

1. I'm the only kitty at Hot(M)BC that doesn't have any white spots.
2. I'm the only boy kitty at Hot(M)BC.
3. I'm very playful. Grandma agrees. hehehe
4. I'm a lover, not a fighter.
5. I am a GREAT hunter! Hear me ROAR!
6. I am intimidated by Mini when she's cranky.
7. I have good manners when I want to, but that's not all that often says Mom.
8. I have taken over the wing chair in the living room. It's MINE now!
9. I love my buddy Gree especially.
10. I find Mom's studio fascinating -- all those beads and stuff to play with!
11. I have "bedroom eyes" except when there's tasty food around.
12. My favorite flavor of Temp-tay-shuns is all of them.
13. I like to have my foofy tummy rubbed.

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