Dec 30, 2006

Mom Done Good

Mom felt so bad about our Secret Paws pressies. She said she'd forgotten about them!!! Are beans weird or what?!?! Anyways, she felt bad, so she said we could open them tonight when Grandma's friend is here. She loves kitties lots but she can't haf one cuz her husband who helps her lots cuz she's got CP says he can't take care of kitties too. (He's nice and pets us tho, so we don't fink he's mean bout it or nuffin.) She likes to visit us lots. I even sleep with her sometimes when she stays the night! So it'll be speshul fun to do it tonight. And we tolded Mom that we's opening the boxes efun if Grandma's friend cant' come ofur!

Anyways, Mom felt bad, so she gave us a speshul purresent! She sponsored a kitty from Best Friends for us! Yay for Mom! (She's a furry nice bean even if she's furgetful sumtimes.) Here's the kitty we picked to sponsor, Yellowstone :)

Here's a cat going through something of an identity crisis. He came to Best Friends as a kitten with two other kittens. All were feral. The other two ditched the whole feral thing, turned friendly, and found homes right away. But Yellowstone hung in there for a while as a feral. Only now, it seems he's trying to live on both sides of the fence.

If somebody sits down near him, he 'accidentally' sort of backs up close to the person within scratching range. He'd never admit to seeking affection, though that's what he's after. Yellowstone pretends he's being generous. You know, since you're there anyway he may as well let you pet him. So long as you keep it a secret, of course. Don't worry, Yellowstone. Nobody'll tell that you're turning into a softy! But if you keep reaching out like this ... you might even get a sponsor. That wouldn't be so bad, eh?

We picked Yellowstone cuz some of us were reely feral and all of us were saved from starvin. Sanjee liked him cuz of the way he "aksidentally" gets close enough to get scritched. hehehe

We'll letcha know how the SP box openin goes, like whether Grandma's furriend is here. And we'll make Mom take pikshurs too. hehehe


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