Dec 17, 2006

The Hot(M)BC Noos

Gree is home from Mistries. She didn't stay all yeer after all. Mommy maded up wif her.

Pepi is hafin to learn manners. That means Do Not Stand in the Peepul Food Plates! Do Not Steal from the Peepul Food Plates! Do Not Sit on Mommy's Head While She Is Eating. Maybe he'll learn evechually.

Mini's tummy is icky and she hadta take her meddycines again. Mommy says they make her cranky. But they makes her get well too. (Purrsonally I fink Mini's always cranky tho.) Mommy says Mini should be all back to normal tomorry.

Bonis is furry playful. She has been knockin the toys all ofur the house! She even played wif one of MY mousies! HMPH!

I's furry bizzy takin care of efurryfing cuz I's the Queen of the House. I do gets to hap nap on the ray-dee-atur too tho. That's nice n cozy.

Mommy was smart and taked sum time off this weekend so's she don't co-laps from exawstion. She napped a lot yesterday too. She's been tawkin about "only a few more days". You fink that means she's gonna get rid of all these sisfurs and brofur and I can be an only cat again?


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