Dec 4, 2006

Holiday Confusions Conversation #1

Overheard holiday confisions coversation. #1 of a mysterious number of them.

The meowers (speakers):

aka Mini the Moocher, fka "Skinny Mini"

Boni Maroni is not as skinny as macaroni
Boni Maroni
aka Edsel's Tuxie Gun Moll, fka "Skinny as a stick of macaroni"

Sanjee the Queen Bee Kitty
Sanjee the Cat
aka Queen Bee of the Hot(M)BC

Mini: Hey , Boni?

Boni: Yeah, Mini?

Mini: Mom's bizzy. And Sanjee was moaning that she doesn't have enuff time to do the cat news with Mom having to be on the computer thingy so much.

Boni: True. It's holiday time and Mom has to make sure all her folks who order jools get them in time for Chrissymouse.

Mini: But why does Sanjee have to moan?

Sanjee: (from other room) I heard that! I do NOT moan!!!

Boni: Well... :) *kitty shrug*

Mini: What's all this Chrissymouse stuff about anyway?

Boni: Sandy Claws comes, for one. And...

Mini: What does Sandy Claws and Mom's jools have to do wif each other?

Boni: That's one of those human bean mysteries, Mini. One of those we just have to live with.

Mini: Oh. I guess that means we'll never figure it out.

Boni: Probably not.

Mini: So what else is all that Chrissymouse stuff about? All those things Grandma put all over wif red and green leafs and stuff?

Boni: Well, yeah. Chrissymouse is celebrated with red and green and stuff. But that's not really what it's all about.

Mini: So what IS it all about???

Boni: Well, it's about a little baby born in a barn and his name was ...

Mini: (Interrupting) Huh? What's so speshul about being born in a barn? Lots of my stray cat friends were born in barns and garages n stuff.

Boni: I don't think that's the speshul part. The speshul part is about Jesus, he was the baby born in a barn and he's speshul.

Mini: Oh! I know about Jesus. But I still don't get it. Cuz he's speshul and was born in a barn we get red and green stuff all over the house???

Boni: To celebrate his purrthday! His whole name is Jesus Christ and that's where Chrissymouse comes from.

Mini: I get the Christ and Chrissy part, I guess. But what's the mouse part about? Mouse and Jesus don't sound alike.

Boni: Just cat-o-nese for "mas".

Mini: Chrissy-mas?

Boni: Yep. And "mas" is short for "mass."

Mini: So Jesus was born in a barn in Massa-chew-sitts?

Boni: No, Mini, not in Massa-chew-sitts. In Bethlehem.

Mini: So how come it's not Chrissy-beth? Or Chrissy-hem?

Boni: Something to do with church. I don't know, Mini. Eat your temp-tay-shuns.

Mini: Temp-tay-shuns?!?!?! Where?!?!?!?

Boni: *shakes head*

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