Dec 27, 2006

Grandma didn't leave :)

Grandma didn't leeve! Yay! But the bed didn't come back. I fink those guys stolded it. Grandma says she's gonna sleep like an old fashioned Japanese purrson on a futon fingy on the floor and roll it up in the mornin. Then she's gonna get a reel futon fingy I fink. Like Mommy's or Miles's Daddy's. Anyways, last night she slepted like old fashioned Japanese and I snuggled wif her feets. I am sooooooooooooo happy Grandma didn't go away wif the bed :)


Noo Yeers Gathering
We hadded so much fun at the Chrissymouse Eve Gathering that we's gonna haf another one fur Noo Yeers! The noo chat fingy was really easy and it worked great and it was lotsa fun to talk wifout hafin to reload ofur and ofur and ofur hehehe But we also talked to Smeagol n Strider who's beans were bizzy on the comments fingy cuz they couldn't keep up wif chat wif the beans stoppin to wrap purresents n stuff.

WHEN: Noo Yeer's Eve 10pm EST until the last kitty leeves!
(Use the World Time Clock Converter to figger what time fur yoo)
WHERE: Hot(M)BC Bloggy right HERE is the Gatherin Place
(then prolly ofur to the chatty fingy)
WHO: Bloggin Cats and their Beans, Bun Furriends, and efun Nice Woofie Furriends are invited :)
WHY: Cuz it's fun!
We'll haf nip n toys n fresh water n russianless white russians n snax for kitty, bean, bun,
and nice woofies n and party hats n stuff fur efurrybody :) Oh an music too. An the words to that song efurrycat sings on Noo Yeers cuz we kin nefur reemember them. hehehe If you's can, cum join us. :)

Sanjee the Queen Bee Kitty

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