Dec 24, 2006

Gettin Ready!

We's gettin ready for Chrissymouse! Specially we's gettin ready for our Christmas Cat (and their beans) Gathering**. That'll be fun! Oh and buns and nice woofies are invited too, yeah. We forgotted to say that a'fore. Sorry!

This is me when I was a kitten.
I nefur did like hats much. hehehe
Mommy says it's cute tho. Mommies! *sigh*

**Here's the scoop on our Christmas Eve Gathering:

Christmas Eve Cat (and their Beans) Gathering
WHO: All Cats, their Beans, Buns and Nice Woofies
WHEN: 10pm EST Christmas Eve until the last cats go home!
We'll be around til 2am or so at least! (World Clock Converter here!)
WHERE: HERE at the House of the (Mostly) Black Cats
Stop in for a lil while or a long while! We's gonna haf fun!
We knows lotsa beans and kitties get down at Chrissymouse cuz their famblies are far away or they wishes they had a boyfriend or somefing, and they can't sleep so good and are feelin lonely. So we's deecided at Hot(M)BC to haf a kitty gathering Christmas Eve night at our bloggy. If you's bizzy wif fambly, that's great and we sends you lotsa purrs. But if you's feelin a lil lonely that night, you kin come hang out an play and have catpiles and munchies. You kin bring your beans too. Mommy will make sure there's human munchies n stuff too. And you don't gotta cellybrate Chrissymouse to come. We bets it's strange and maybe lonely for folks who don't too cuz so many is cellybratin Chrissymouse. And if you wanna come after a fambly fing or somefin, that's ok too. We'll be around from 10pm EST Chrissymouse Eve to around 2am or so on Chrissymouse morning. You kin drop in anny time. An yanno, if nocat can make it we'll be happy wif that too cuz it means all our furriends gots fings to do an isn't sittin around being lonely or not sleepy on Chrissymouse Eve. :)
We can't wait!

We hopes efurrybody has a sooper Christmas or whatever hollyday they celebrates!

Sanjee the Queen Bee Kitty

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