Dec 7, 2006

First Thirsday Thirteen

Thirteen Things about our new Tip Jar
(that thang over there on the right that says "Tip Jar" on it, yanno)

1.... Carnival of the Cats is coming here again this weekend and Mini expects to get a treat for every cat that joins the carnival!

2... Mini expects to get LOTS of treats for the carnival, so we's gotta figger out how to pay for them or she'll be sad.

3.... Mom says we've gotta start contributing to the household fund for litter and foods and stuff.

4... We're cats and we only gots so many ways to get funds.

5... Mini's Temp-tay-shuns allowance is used up and it's not even halfway through the month!

6... Mini is very mean wifout her Temp-tay-shuns, so we gotta add to the fund.

7... We's nice helpful kitties and at least half of our tip jar moneys will go to Cat Friends who need helps like Brandi, Libby Marie, Oreo and ofurs.

8... We got to make Mom do a tip jar graphic and we love to make her do stuff. hehehe

9... We told Mom we needed a REAL tip jar, so she had to set one up on cafepress so's we could get one fur real.

10... Gree wanted to have her pikshur on a somefing.

11... You can tell it's a cat's tip jar cuz it has pawprints on it.

12... We thought maybe they'd let us vote even tho we're cats if we maded a few tips cuz then they'd wanna tax us.

13... Cuz it was fun :)

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