Dec 29, 2006

Fambly Furriday by a Former Feral

An Open Letter to Mommy (Fambly!)

Deer Mommy,

Our Secret Paws gifties that was sented to us are still sittin in the livin room. While that's not so bad, cuz we might wanna haf them in dere, it isn't good that they is still in the boxes they camed in. We can't see thru the boxes. We can't play wif nofin thru the boxes. We can't eat nofin thru the boxes. This has gotta be fixed soon. Secret Paws gifties MUST get outta the boxes they camed in so we can see what they are. They must get outta the boxes SOON or ELSE. Else sum pillows are gonna get pooped on!

Fanks for your fast 'ttenshun to this purroblem.

Sanjee, for all the Hot(M)BC Cats

Sanjee the Queen Bee Kitty


What should Cheysuli do in 2007
... for her 2008 Presidential Campaign?

1. Chey should resolve to hire a campaign manager, maybe one who would be ok with being paid in hamm or catster rosettes or tem-tay-shuns.

2. Chey should resolve to find a proper running mate by startin with a pool of 3 or 4 potenshul VP's where at least one is non-Siamese to show that she's non-breedist as well as non-specist.

3. Chey should resolve to be seen/blogged doing charitable works (like maybe helpful articles or donatin time or moneys to a good cause) every month in 2007, to show the thick-headed what a good cat she is.

Your bud Pepi

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