Dec 26, 2006

Case a tha Missin Bed

Somefing weird is goin on here. Grandma got up reel early tooday and took alllllll the stuff off the bed. You know, sheets n blankies n pillows n efun the tempur-peda-foam thingy. She never takes the foam thingy off the bed and out of the room. Least nefur beefore. Then she wented away for a while. When she got back she had a man and a big strong lady wif her. They picked up the bed and took it away. I was freeked out. Where would I sit my cat bed now? What gived them the rite to take the big bed away? I wuz worried.

Then I gotted efun MORE worried when Grandma and Mommy left. They was gone for hours n hours. And Mini kept comin in my room and eatin my food. Bad Mini, Bad! She has ofur food dishes she can eat outta! Well Grandma and Mommy camed back. Yay!

But the bed didn't cum back!!! It's gone!!! The foam thingy is gone too! And the sheets! And the bed skirty thing so I kin hide easy! (Lucky for me tho, they didn't take my cat tree or my radeeator I likes to sleep on.) Where am I gonna put my cat bed? Where's Grandma gonna sleep? Hoo were those bed theeves anyways? Should I call the poleese? I's not sure what to do. It's a mister-ee.

Sanjee the Queen Bee Kitty

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