Nov 24, 2006

WCB is coming!

Weekend Cat Blogging #77 is gonna be HERE this weekend! We's all excited bout it. See?
(You can click the pix to biggify.)

Mini is waiting not so patiently.

Gree is keeping an eye out the back door.

Sanjee is resting up for it
(and dreaming of Miles.)

Pepi is making sure every bit of fur is in place
so he can make a good impurression for his first
WCB as an inside kitty.

Boni is inspecting her claws so they'll be beautemous
enough for company.

We'll be ready! If you have a cat post that you want to go in Weekend Cat Blogging this week, just post it in the comments here or email us, and we'll make sure you get on it! It's #77 this week and we're furry happy to have WCB here for Thanksgiving weekend. :) We'll have treats and goodies for all the WCB kitties too. Be sure to pop by tomorrow for the WCB goodies!

Sanjee the Queen Bee KittyBoni Maroni is not as skinny as macaroni