Nov 14, 2006

Tuxedo Tuesday

Isn't Boni beautiful? :) She's the peacemaker. When Mini first moved in, she and Sanjee would get into hissing and swatting spats. Boni would come running and jump in between them with all her fur puffed up and just look back and forth between them as if to say, "Stop it yall. Don't fight," even if she got swatted along the way. When I'm blue, she's the one that always comes to me and pats me on the leg as if to say it's going to be ok. Boni doesn't come meowing for treats. She simply sits patiently and waits until she somehow inserts the idea into my head to get out the treats. She's the most beautifully peaceful cat I've ever met.
~~ Mom Robyn

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