Nov 26, 2006

Still the Weekend

It's still the weekend, so Weekend Cat Blogging #77 is still going on with nip n treats n foods (for humans and kitties). Go visit! We's updated wif some new posts of fun kitties to go see. And if you gets full and lazy, you can join Boni in the sunspots for a nice stretch and a nap.

Mommy's got an ear infekshun, so she's resting a LOT. She's got good drugs anti-bio-ticks tho, so she's startin to feel better. At least sumtimes. Sometimes she just goes pooey and goes back to sleep. (Kinda like a cat!)

Even Mommy's smiling big tho, cuz our speshul furriend KC is gonna be ok! Yay! We's furry furry happy bout that. We'll keep sendin KC purrs so's she heals up really fast and gets to go home to her Mommy and Daddy really soon.

Sanjee the Queen Bee Kitty

Pee Ess. I'll post noos at the Cat Blogosphere this afternoon. Me and Mommy needs a nap right now.