Nov 16, 2006

KC and Luxor

Our friend KC (Offishul Cat Blogosphere Ree-purrter) is havin her ladiegardenectomy tooday. We's sendin her lotsa kitty mojo n purrs n purrayers so's she gets it ofur wif safe and then reecovers reely fast and is back to huntin bugs reel soon. Her bean Mommy and Daddy are furry worried cuz that's what mommies and daddies do, yanno. So sends kitty mojo n purrs n stuff to KC and to her beans cuz we finks maybe the beans need it much as KC does. We 'members our surgeries and it won't no fun, but it won't that bad neifur. And it's lots better than PMS. (Mommy used to get that reel bad and boy was she nasty then ewwwwwwy!) We can't wait til tomorry when KC gets home.

UPDATED! KC's surgery wented good and she's fine! Yay!!! She gets to come home tomorry evenin and her Mommy ML and Daddy Charley can't wait. I bets Missy can't wait too. hehehe

Our furriend Luxor is hafin to haf bladder stone surgeries today too. That don't sound to fun neifur, but I bets its lotsa fun to haf ofur wif. We's sendin lotsa kitty mojo n purrs n stuff to Luxor n his fambly too and sends sum too if you cans. Poor Luxor's had pee purroblems caused by stones and dis surgery's sposed to make that all go away. We gots to tell Luxor not to eat no more of those stones since they gets stuck n make pee problems. We can't wait til Luxor gets outta his surgeries and gets to come home too!

UPDATED! Luxor's Mom updated in the comments of Silky's post that Luxor's surgery went ok! Yay! He may be able to come home tonight, or may have to stay overnight. It's so good to hear he's ok tho :)

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Oh and there's ofur kitty furriends n their beans who needs purrs n purrayers n stuffs on the Pet Prayer and Praise bloggy. We's purrin for them too!

Sanjee the Queen Bee Kitty