The Calendar is ready!!!

LOOK! The Cat Blogosphere Calendar is ready!!! I jumped up and down on Mommy and maded her hurry up and get it finished. ALL the kitties who sented pikshurs are in it! All the kitties are on the cover and January page in a big collage. Then there's ofur pages that haf all the kitties on at least one of the pages: Gingers, Tuxies, Tabbies, Torties, House Panthers, Bi-Colors, Playing, Sleepy, Two-somes, Tummies, and Meezers n Frootbats. I finks it turned out neato. Mommy also maded a lil-er calendar and a mini poster wif the collage of all the blogging cats. They're way cool too :)

AND all calendars are 20% off thru December 3! Wow!

So go grab your furry own blogging cats calendar quick :)

Updated: We was asked, so we's maded tshirts n ofur stuff too wif the collage of all the bloggin kitties. Woo hoo! (The pikshur we has here is of the Tuxie page, in case you didn't guess. hehehe)

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